Scoping out the Slaughterhouse

In order to hold a vigil at Fearman’s Slaughterhouse, we needed to know when the pigs entered the facility.  I took some notes and would like to share them with you.

Tues., 8:45 a.m.- I arrived at Tim Horton’s ( for those of you outside Canada, it’s our National coffee house), which is directly across the street from the pig’s entrance. I am feeling very anxious- seeing this horror, for me, is very gripping; my stomach is in a knot. I know this will be like witnessing a crime, but being unable to do anything about it.

People are lined up at the drive through, and seem completely oblivious to the devastation occuring across the street.

9:00 -A truck enters. I can see the pigs through those terrible grates- they are so silent. I can feel the tears sting, and as another truck follows a few minutes after, the tears flow freely. It is hard to witness this madness; to know that as I sit here, across the street they are being pushed, prodded, kicked and beaten as they go to their deaths. What must go through their minds? They are just babies!

9:15- Another two trucks enter. The first truck that I saw has entered the yard to unload the pigs- now there are three waiting  with their precious cargo- oh, god, I wish I could free them. It’s so hard not to feel hopeless, but I know that demonstrating against this industry helps me. You may be standing alone on the side of the road holding a poster, but if just one person sees and changes their heart and mind, then it’s definitely worth it.

I see the second truck in line move to the yard- As I sat here, how many died?

9:30 -Three more trucks enter, as the first truck to enter leaves. The driver is young: how must it feel to carry innocent beings to their death?

9:40- another truck. In the span of 1 hour, 8 trucks have entered that terrible place. I am sick with grief.

A truck labelled Regal Poultry Corp. leaves the yard. Underneath it reads” Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”.  I feel a rush of anger- lies! Do they slaughter chickens here as well?

9:55-  I have to leave now- carry on with life. I say goodbye to the babies waithing on the trucks and tell them I’m sorry, so, so sorry.

I start the car-  another truck comes.


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