A wonderful story of compassion. ♥

Pig farmer no longer sells pigs, but raises them as his own children.

For three generations, Luo Hongxian’s family, from Taipei County’s city of Linkou, has made their living raising pigs and selling them off. However, the family completely stopped this business, which they now regard as inhumane. Raising his pigs as he would his own children, Luo is taking on odd jobs rather than selling them to slaughter. What prompted such a big change?

We visit Luo’s farm to find out.Luo Hongxian: “Pigs are my children!’Daddy is here!’”Treating these pigs as his own children, whenever Luo is feeling low, he comes to sit in this pigsty.” Look! He is smiling! You see, he is so adorable.”Luo had followed in his family’s business — raising pigs — for three years, but in April, 2009, his mindset was completely altered during a trade: ” One pig really shocked me. When I was pulling him, he didn’t scream, but the others beside kept screaming. He didn’t make any noise but just stared at me. I looked back; I felt like he was saying to me: where are you taking me? How can you so easily just give me away after one year? I felt so bad inside. I was really shaken to the core. I couldn’t sleep. It was 3am, and I drove my car to the slaughter house, trying to save him. I was planning on buying him back with twice the money. I didn’t want him to leave my side again. But when I got there, nothing was left. ”

Luo has never sold a pig since. Starting in May of 2009, he even became a vegan, and feeding his pigs his leftovers. The diet even cured a lame pig. ” That pig was dying. He was sick, and had a tumor. After eating vegetarian, the tumor disappeared, and he was no longer lame.”Raising pigs without selling them, Luo now takes on temp jobs rather than killing his “children”.Pig owner, Luo Hongxian : ” To the people that ask me to sell the pigs, I would respond: Would you let me take your children away? They are my kids, every single one of them. I even delivered the babies.”

Surrounded by children & grandchildren every life form has feelings. Sprouting from his compassion, Luo has not only earned himself a healthy body from a vegetarian diet, but also many blessings, for his children and many grandchildren to come.


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