Animal rights group pushes for an end to pig slaughterhouses By John Bonnar | September 4, 2012

There was no escaping the pungent odour around the Stanley Park area in downtown Toronto.

That unbearable smell of death, emanating from the Quality Meat Packers pig slaughterhouse on Wellington Street, spread through the air like a virus.

Steps away from residential streets, outdoor patio restaurants, luxury condominiums and a dog park.

“You’re probably smelling a lot of feces and dead flesh,” said Tracey Shepherd-Davis, who used to work at a slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario but now rescues and owns pet pigs.

“It’s hot. It smells horrible. You’re covered in feces and blood all day long. You just close your mind to what’s going on around you.”

Even now, the rancid smell coming from the empty pot-belly transport truck trailer as it left Quality Meat Packers on Monday brings back unpleasant memories for Shepherd-Davis.

“Those pigs would probably have travelled in there for an hour or two,” she said. “And they’re crammed in there, at least 200 to a truck.”


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