Calendar of Events

Dec. 6th, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Our weekly vigil for the pigs going into Fearmans Slaughterhouse. This is an excellent opportunity to educate people, or at least plant the seed of compassion. As well, to honour the lives of these beautiful animals born into a hellish life of deprivation and captivity.

6 thoughts on “Calendar of Events

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  2. Hello! Saw you this morning. I would like to join you at your future events and will gather more to come help raise awareness. I am a born and raised resident of burlington that has always wanted to bring awareness to the cruelty and torture happening right here in our city. Please keep me updated! I can’t wait to get out there.

    • Hi Christa! We are so excited that you want to join us. I am also a born and raised resident, and I agree, Fearman’s is indeed an abomination and a blight. If you are on Facebook, please join us ( Hamilton Burlington Pig Save) and friend Brenda La Fleshe and Coleen Tew! This was our first real vigil, as we just started as an adjunct to Toronto Pig Save. You have no idea what your support means to us and the poor souls that enter that horrible facility- Thank you!

    • Dear Christa! That is wonderful we will try and update our website each week as we schedule events so please look on the calender. Please also join our facebook group!/groups/187223038072700/ We are going to protest this Wednesday the 27th from 3-5pm. Le us know when ur available and we will schedule our next one around you! Evenings weekends are OK too! So glad us found looking forward to working with you! Thanks Brenda and Coleen

  3. hi,bulington man,new vegetarian.i believe that consumption of meat is detrimental to our own spiritual energyif we can live off of plant matter,then why do we eat meat?in reality,the realitry of truth,the properly evolved human should be able to live off of minerals,as all plants have a consciousness and spirit in them.

    my beliefs also go way beyond and i believe,for certain reasons,thatconsumption of meat can be linked to dark occult practises.i would like ot show up at a vigil outside one of those palaces of negative enrgy and burn some incense to bring some positive enrgy,and make a small donation.

    in this earthly reality,where humankind has been systematically reduced to automatons that no longer understand true empathy and true being of one with mother earth and the universe,it is nice to see the small pockets of love and positive enrgy.

    • It would be great to meet you and have you paticipate in a vigil/demo. If your on facebook please join Hamilton Burlington Pig Save. We update it quite often and do weekly invites, I promise to start posting them here too! We’ll be there this Wednesday the 12th from 4-6pm out front of fearmans at Harvester &Appleybey. thanks for ur post, Brenda

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